[RSPlib-Discusssion] Having trouble compiling applications

Martin Kirch Dige mdige at es.aau.dk
Fri Mar 13 10:31:17 CET 2009

Hi everyone

I am having some troubles using RSPlib for a VoIP project. I have only 
recently started using RSPlib and is so far having troubles when 
compiling applications which utilises RSPlib.

OS: Debian
RSPlib: v.2.6.0  (using kernel-sctp)

I have installed RSPlib without problems. It was configured with the 
following options:
./configure --enable-qt --disable-hsmgtveridy --disable-maintainer-mode 
--enable-shared --disable-static --enable-csp
followed by
make install (as root)
which copied various  header files has been  placed in  
/usr/local/include/rserpool/ during make install.

The troubles arises when I try to develop my own applications which 
utilises RSPlib. These applications are not positioned where the rsplib 
files were extracted during the installation since I prefer having these 
application located separately.
My applications include "rserpool.h", "rserpool-internals.h" etc. and 
they are based on the sample applications (e.g. server) which was 
supplied with rsplib 2.6.0. Now for the actual questions:

1. I receive this error when compiling my application:
undefined reference to `rsp_initinfo'

The app includes rserpool.h which defines

void rsp_initinfo(struct rsp_info* info);

however it seems that the function is never defined. Have been browsing 
the source code and can see that the function is defined in 
rsputilities.c in the rsplib source files. There is however no 
rsputilities.h header file in /usr/local/include/rserpool/. Is this due 
to en error or am I simply not using rsplib correctly?
I have read through the /High Availability using Reliable Server 
Pooling/ paper as suggested elsewhere on the mailing list - but I still 
find it a bit difficult to understand the RSPlib API, since there 
documentation as a bit limited.

2. All need to design both a PE and PU applications. Which examples from 
the rsplib source files would you recommend as the best examples of how 
to develop a PE and a PU application?

Any help will be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance

Best regards

Aalborg University, Denmark

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