[RSPlib-Discusssion] Having trouble compiling applications

Martin Kirch Dige mdige at es.aau.dk
Fri Mar 13 16:43:34 CET 2009

Hi again Thomas

Well I forgot to link the rsplib in with -lrsplib. It does however not 
solve the errors i see when compiling my apps.
Source code of my application:

#include <rserpool/rserpool.h>
#include <rserpool/rserpool-internals.h>
#include <rserpool/tagitem.h>

#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <signal.h>

#include "petestserver.h"

void rsp_initinfo(struct rsp_info* info);

void startServer() {
  // get initial structs
  struct rsp_info     rspInfo;
  struct rsp_loadinfo rspLoadInfo; // used for system load etc.
  struct TagItem      rspTags[8]; // used for the taging system
  double              rspDegradation;
  unsigned int        rspIdentifier;
  unsigned int        rspReRegInterval = 30000;
  unsigned int        rspUnTimeLimit  = 0;
  unsigned int        rspService       = 1; // was SERVICE_ECHO
  const char*         rspPoolHandle    = NULL;
  const char*         rspDaemonPIDFile = NULL;
  bool                rspPolicyChanged = false;
  bool                rspQuiet         = false;
  double              rspUptime        = 0.0;
  double              rspDowntime      = 0.0;

  // now set variables before initialising
  rspTags[0].Tag = TAG_PoolElement_Identifier;
  rspTags[0].Data = 0;
  // enable CSP monitoring
  rspInfo.ri_csp_identifier = CID_COMPOUND(CID_GROUP_POOLELEMENT, 0);

This code produces the following error during compilation:
petestserver.c:42: warning: implicit declaration of function 'CID_COMPOUND'
petestserver.c:42: error: 'CID_GROUP_POOLELEMENT' undeclared (first use 
in this function)
petestserver.c:42: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once

This error I was able to circumvent by copying componentstatuspackets.h 
and tdtypes.h from source into /usr/local/include/rserpool and adding 
#include <rserpool/componentstatuspackets.h> in my .c file.
Having done this i arrive at the real error which I don't seem to 

petestserver.c: In function 'startServer':
petestserver.c:35: warning: unused variable 'rspDowntime'
petestserver.c:34: warning: unused variable 'rspUptime'
petestserver.c:33: warning: unused variable 'rspQuiet'
petestserver.c:32: warning: unused variable 'rspPolicyChanged'
petestserver.c:31: warning: unused variable 'rspDaemonPIDFile'
petestserver.c:30: warning: unused variable 'rspPoolHandle'
petestserver.c:29: warning: unused variable 'rspService'
petestserver.c:28: warning: unused variable 'rspUnTimeLimit'
petestserver.c:27: warning: unused variable 'rspReRegInterval'
petestserver.c:26: warning: unused variable 'rspIdentifier'
petestserver.c:25: warning: unused variable 'rspDegradation'
petestserver.c:23: warning: unused variable 'rspLoadInfo'
/tmp/cc6n41Ek.o: In function `startServer':
petestserver.c:(.text+0x45): undefined reference to `rsp_initinfo'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

It is the undefined reference to rsp_initinfo error. (nevermind the 
unused variable messages) This still occurs although compiled with the 
following command:
gcc -lrsplib -Wall -o petestserver main.c petestserver.c

What am I doing wrong?

One more thing. Was its the rsp_info struct actually used for ?

Once again - thanks for helping me out.

Best regards

Martin, Aalborg University, Denmark

Thomas Dreibholz skrev:
> Dear Martin,
> see my comments inline.
> On Freitag 13 März 2009, Martin Kirch Dige wrote:
>> Hi everyone
>> I am having some troubles using RSPlib for a VoIP project. I have only
>> recently started using RSPlib and is so far having troubles when
>> compiling applications which utilises RSPlib.
>> OS: Debian
>> RSPlib: v.2.6.0  (using kernel-sctp)
>> I have installed RSPlib without problems. It was configured with the
>> following options:
>> ./configure --enable-qt --disable-hsmgtveridy --disable-maintainer-mode
>> --enable-shared --disable-static --enable-csp
>> followed by
>> make
>> make install (as root)
>> which copied various  header files has been  placed in
>> /usr/local/include/rserpool/ during make install.
>> The troubles arises when I try to develop my own applications which
>> utilises RSPlib. These applications are not positioned where the rsplib
>> files were extracted during the installation since I prefer having these
>> application located separately.
>> My applications include "rserpool.h", "rserpool-internals.h" etc. and
>> they are based on the sample applications (e.g. server) which was
>> supplied with rsplib 2.6.0. Now for the actual questions:
>> 1. I receive this error when compiling my application:
>> undefined reference to `rsp_initinfo'
>> The app includes rserpool.h which defines
>> void rsp_initinfo(struct rsp_info* info);
>> however it seems that the function is never defined. Have been browsing
>> the source code and can see that the function is defined in
>> rsputilities.c in the rsplib source files. There is however no
>> rsputilities.h header file in /usr/local/include/rserpool/. Is this due
>> to en error or am I simply not using rsplib correctly?
>> I have read through the /High Availability using Reliable Server
>> Pooling/ paper as suggested elsewhere on the mailing list - but I still
>> find it a bit difficult to understand the RSPlib API, since there
>> documentation as a bit limited.
> rsp_initinfo() is defined in rsputilities.c, which is compiled into the rsplib 
> library. Including "rserpool.h" and linkling -lrsplib should work. Could you 
> provide us the complete errors and warnings of the compile run?
>> 2. All need to design both a PE and PU applications. Which examples from
>> the rsplib source files would you recommend as the best examples of how
>> to develop a PE and a PU application?
> For the PE, have a look at server.cc. It is a starter for different services 
> (e.g. Echo or Discard - the are implemented in standardservices.cc). To make 
> programming of these example services easier, I wrote two C++ API wrappers: 
> tcplikeserver.cc (which starts a new thread to handle each session; like 
> common TCP-based services) and udplikeserver.cc (which handles messages from 
> all sessions; i.e. request -> response). The examples in standardservices.cc 
> should - hopefully - make the idea clearer. For a more complex service, have 
> a look into fractalgeneratorservice.cc (this is the service for the Fractal 
> Generator example).
> On the PU side, have a look into terminal.c (which can be used with Echo, 
> Discard, etc.). This example is quite simple and should - hopefully - be easy 
> to understand. Again, a more complex example - using multiple sessions in 
> different threads - is fractalpooluser.cc.
>> Any help will be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance
> If you have more questions, just write them on the mailing list.
> Best regards
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